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Suffering from issues like Type 1 Diabetes and a heart condition, Caela felt like she had nowhere to turn for help. After getting adjusted and learning how to care for her spine, Caela’s issues have subsided and improved – and she can dance again!

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I am going to London for 2012 Olympics as a team doctor

By: Terry Steiner

I would like to take a moment to thank Maximize Living and more directly Dr. Rosie Main for her commitment and outstanding work with the 2009 USA Women’s World Team.

I hope I can communicate in words what I have in my mind and feel in my heart for what has taken place during the past couple of weeks. These two Doctors did an outstanding job connecting with this team and coaching staff.  As a male coach of a female team, I saw a complete change in dynamics of the entire group with the presence of Dr. Rosie.  She brought an excitement, energy, enthusiasm, and knowledge from the outside that had an unbelievable effect on the entire world team delegation.  I can see a great value in the partnership with Maximize Living and USA Wrestling as it pertains to future performances with our World and Olympic Teams.  Furthermore as an educator, I can see positive life- long effects these doctors can have on the lives of many athletes and that is what I would like to see.

In working with any individual you need to build the relationship before any real work can be done but with a female team I find this especially true.  The female athletes MUST feel comfortable before anything meaningful will happen.

Moving Forward, I would like to develop continuity in our service providers for our USA Women’s Wrestling National Team.  I have a Performance Team at the USOC that includes a Sport Psychologist, Nutritionist, Strength and Conditioning Coordinator, a Sports Medicine Staff Person and Our Coaching Staff.  I would like to also like to add Rosie and Kristen as a part of this team.  As the National Coach, I do not want to pretend I know it all.  I want to surround myself with a knowledgeable and compassionate staff that is experts in their fields, who can come together and work in harmony with one another, to get the athletes all of the tools they need to be successful on the mat and in life.  I want to ask if Dr. Rosie Main  would be willing and able to work with our National Team through the London Olympics in 2012.  I see our service providers as an extension of our coaching staff.  The Performance Team MUST be on the same page as the coaches so that the athletes are getting one unified message.

Again, I want to thank Dr Ben Lerner, Maximize Living, and Doctors Rosie Main and Kristen Kells for everything you have already done for USA Wrestling and the Women’s Program.  I look forward to the Journey Ahead!

Terry Steiner, USA Wrestling Women’s National Coach